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E-Commerce system. THAIEPAY has divided services into 2 main types as indicated below.


According to questions and queries about ThaiePay from customers, we, then, present ThaiePay outstanding features when compared to other service providers as indicated below. We hope the information below help clarify you about ThaiePay service.

  1. ThaiePay is a pioneer and prototype

    ThaiePay, an instant online credit card payment gateway system, is the first brand who offers this kind of service in Thailand. We widely provide chances for individual person, companies, foundations, and even large organizations who want to run e-commerce business. They can build their online shops with ThaiePay within 24 hours.

    Being successful under the brand of ThaiePay, other service providers, then, have offered similar services to ThaiePay. They have imitated us by copying our service details from www.thaiepay.com website, and reproduced our operational methods and systems without sufficient experiences and knowledge of management.

    Therefore, we would like to ensure our customers that ThaiePay system is original and based on genuine experiences in this field. Moreover, we are truly confident in our ability to continue developing our systems and services to best serve our customers.

    Year 2003, ThaiePay first version has been launched Year 2003, ThaiePay first version has been launched

  2. ThaiePay offers better service and user-friendly system

    Sample of ThaiePay features
    • Besides ThaiePay is the first Instant Online Payment Gateway in Thailand, our system has been efficiently developed to support various kinds of use.Our system supports credit card of Visa, MasterCard and American Express of all the banks in the world.
    • Our system is 24 hours standby. You can check orders and even summary income anytime you want. Moreover, there will be reporting e-mail sent to you every month to inform you about monthly income.
    • Our Post Back parameters system is provided to inform you a result of complete payment. (This is an additional feature which allows you to receive post back parameter values from ThaiePay system after payment completed).
    • ThaiePay system displays both Thai and English and also accepts 9 foreign currencies which you can set and change personally. Especially, you can display your information and products on our Shopping Mall system.

  3. ThaiePay service charge is inexpensive and worth using

    ThaiePay has been created to serve individual person not only registered company or organization. ThaiePay does not require any deposit from you. Moreover, ThaiePay offers service charge at stable and suitable rates. The details of ThaiePay service charges are indicated below.

    • eModules (ePayment 295 baht, eCart 495 baht), eShop (Package S 350 Baht, Package M 550 baht, Package L 750 Baht)
    • Transaction Fee: 4% for Visa and MasterCard, 4.75% for American Express (deducted from your total income)
    • Stable service charge (price depends on the system you selected)

    According to stable and fixed service charge, it can help you to estimate budget and expense. This is different from other service providers who have additional service charges based on amount of each transaction (charge per transaction) i.e. one service provider charges a payment fee at 3.99%+ 49 Baht per transaction. Imagine, if in a single month you have 100 transactions, you will pay for an additional service charge of (49x100) = 4,900 baht which is quite large amount. (Please review table below)

    On the other hand, if you calculate by using percentage, adding a service charge of 49 Baht per transaction will be the same as adding 4.9%. Therefore, 3.99%+ 49 Baht per transaction means 3.99% + 4.9% = 8.89%. Your total service charge will reach almost 9%.

    * Compare service charge and fee between ThaiePay and others
    Service ProviderService ChargePayment FeeBuy/Sale 100 TransactionsBuy/Sale 500 Transactions
    THAIEPAY295 Baht (Stable)4% for Visa, MasterCard 4.75% for AMEXService Charges 295 Baht + 4%, 4.75%Service Charges 295 Baht + 4%, 4.75%
    Others- 3.99% + 49 Baht/TransactionService Charges 4,900 Baht + 3.99%Service Charges 24,500 Baht + 3.99%

  4. ThaiePay provides the highest security system

    • ThaiePay system is installed with the SSL Certificate, 128 bits, a universal standard for encoding and protecting data. Our operational certificate is approved and certified by "VeriSign", the same Certificate Authority, which is internationally accepted, of many commercial banks and financial institutions in Thailand.
    • Moreover, ThaiePay also accepts services of “Verified By VISA” and “MasterCard Secure Code”, security systems used to avoid fraudulent credit card use. The systems additionally require a personal password for each credit card in order to further protecting you and cardholder.
    • For more security, ThaiePay pluses more staff to check every transaction by considering the information of each transaction such as Country, Name and Address of cardholder and IP address used for the transaction. That is to say you can be certain that every transaction checked by ThaiePay is authentic and accurate transaction. We help you to avoid fraudulent transactions.