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E-Commerce system. THAIEPAY has divided services into 2 main types as indicated below.


eBooking is an online system for hotels and rooms reservation that we has developed to fulfill the requirements of many hotels, resorts and travel agencies. The system is created to be easy to use. The steps of how to manage rooms and bookings are really not complicated. eBooking is suitable for both owners of hotels and resorts and travel agencies.

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eBooking consists of

  • Booking system
  • Invoice system
  • Online payment system

eBooking is suitable for

  • Those who have websites but look for booking system and online payment system
  • Those who want to save budgets for processing both booking system and online payment system
  • Those who are the owners of hotels, resorts, home-stay or booking agencies
  • Those who look for more convenient and professional in running online business

Outstanding Features

  • Beautiful interfaces make your website look professional and reliable.
  • Our booking system is not complicated and it’s user friendly.
  • Payment interface can be adjusted as you want.
  • It‘s easy to connect our booking system with your website and it takes a very short time.
  • Our online control panel system is available for checking payments and your total income all the time.
  • VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.

How System Works

  1. Customers come to your website and select rooms they want.
  2. After they click “Book Now”, eBooking will lead the customers to make online registration and fill some personal information.
  3. Once the registration was completed, system will show booking details and total amount to the customers before they confirm the booking.
  4. If booking is confirmed, system will lead the customers to make online payment by credit card. In this process, it will take few seconds to verify and authorize or decline the payment.

    *If the payment was authorized, system will show “Complete” status and send confirmation e-mail to both you and the customer. (eBooking system will reserve the selected room automatically.)

Fee and Service Charge

  1. Service Charge : 395 baht/month
  2. Transaction Fee : Visa, MasterCard 4% and American Express 4.75% (not include vat 7%)
  3. Refund Fee : 300 baht/transaction (if over 7 days)

Income Remittance

ThaiePay system will summarize your income in each month and remit the income after deducting fee into your bank account on the 10th of the following month.

For example, in January, you have monthly income 10,000 baht. ThaiePay will deduct 4% out of 10,000 baht. It means we exactly deduct 400 baht from 10,000 Baht. Therefore, you will receive 9,600 baht on 10th February. (VAT not included)

However, ThaiePay has issued additional regulation regarding income remittance. That is to say, you can request us to make income remittance more frequent, semi-monthly or weekly.

Frequency Income

ไทยอีเพย์ได้มีนโยบายเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับเรื่อง การรับเงินรายได้ร้านค้า กล่าวคือ ร้านค้าที่เข้าเงื่อนไขดังต่อไปนี้ สามารถแจ้งขอปรับการับเงินรายได้เป็นราย 15 วันหรือ รายสัปดาห์

  1. Who has been using THAIERPAY service for more than 6 months
  2. Who has no record of fraudulent customers and charge back issue
  3. Who has monthly income over 100,000 baht/month can receive income every 15 days (Semi-Monthly).
  4. Who has monthly income over 500,000 baht/month can receive income every week (Weekly)