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E-Commerce system. THAIEPAY has divided services into 2 main types as indicated below.


eCharity is a system we created for donation to any foundations, charities, and non profit-making organizations. Donors can help those organizations by donating online through our system. All donated money will be transferred to foundation's bank account directly. Hopefully, we can be a small part to help each other in our society.

eCharity consists of

Online payment system

eCharity is suitable for

  • Foundations in Thailand
  • Non Profit-Making Organizations

Outstanding Features

  • We offer no service charge for this system.
  • We will always display information on ThaiePay website in order to encourage donors to help donating money for charities or foundations.

How System Works

  1. Donors come to foundation's website and select donation they want.
  2. After selected the donation, system will lead the donors to make online registration and fill some personal information.
  3. Once the registration was completed, system will show donation details and total amount to the donors before they confirm the donation.
  4. If donation is confirmed, system will lead the donors to make online payment by credit card. In this process, it will take few seconds to verify and authorize the payment.

Fee and Service Charge

  1. Service Charge : FREE
  2. Transaction Fee : Visa, MasterCard 3% and American Express 3.75% (not include vat 7%)

Income Remittance (in case of using online payment system

ThaiePay system will summarize donated income in each month and remit the income after deducting fee into foundation's bank account on the 10th of the following month.

For example, in January, you have monthly donated income 10,000 baht. ThaiePay will deduct 300 baht out from 10,000 Baht. Therefore, you will receive 9,700 baht on 10th February. (not include vat 7%)

More Frequent Remittance

ThaiePay has additional regulations regarding income remittance. That is to say, you can request us to have more frequent remittance such as every 15 days or weekly.

  1. You have to use ThaiePay service for more than 6 months
  2. You have norecord of charge back from donors
  3. If you have monthly donated income over 100,000 baht/month, you can receive income every 15 days (semi-monthly)
  4. If you have monthly donated income over 500,000 baht/month, you can receive income every week (weekly)