Welcome to THAIEPAY!   a leading website which offers you all inclusive

E-Commerce system. THAIEPAY has divided services into 2 main types as indicated below.

eShop (Online Shop System)

ThaiePay team has been working very hard to brain storm and collect customers’ comments and suggests about shopping mall service in order to build our own shopping mall which meets their needs best. We not only erased the weak points of previous shopping mall system but also add more strong features. We believe that “our E-Commerce system is as good as one should be”. Here are the concepts of Shopping Mall by ThaiePay system.

  • Reliable and AuthenticThaiePay always screens shops and products they sell according to our reasonable criterias. That is to say, we accept only reliable shops selling authentic products. All of our member shops must be approved by us in order that buyers can feel secure enough to buy products from our shopping mall. And we also have rating system for checking status of each shop and product.
  • Professional system and User friendly Shopping Mall by ThaiePay has been created by using new technology. The system itself professionally works together with many special functions and user friendly in order to facilitate seller to create own style shop and sell products online. Just click, click, and click, following step by step, you can have an excellent online shop easily.
  • Various options to promote your products We also add more options for sellers to promote their products on our shopping mall main page. Not only displaying your products but we also provide Recommended Products and Buyer Reviews to encourage your sales volumes among buyers.

eShop consists of

  • Instant website
  • Invoice system
  • Online payment system

eShop is suitable for

  • Those who want to sell products online but not know how to start
  • Those who want to save budgets for processing both website and online payment system
  • Those who look for more convenient and professional in running online business

Outstanding Features

  • A lot of cool themes and skins, professional look. New!!!
  • SEO friendly and applicable for all browsers. New!!!
  • Activate online payment system easily such as ThaiePay, Paypal or more. New!!!
  • Support various shipping process such as TNT, UPS and Thailand Post. Shipping fee has been set and ready to use.
  • Brand system makes buyers easily find products they want.
  • Multi-Currency, seller can enable currency and set exchange rate. New!!!
  • Create unlimited content pages and blogs. New!!!
  • Arrange Best Seller ranking by yourself for each product catergory or auto-ranking by orders. New!!!

How System Works

You must begin by adjusting theme for your online shop, add more pictures and products through Shop Admin System. Until your online shop is complete and ready to open.

  1. Customers come to your website and select product they want.
  2. After they click “Add to Cart”, system will lead the customers to make online registration and fill some personal information.
  3. Once the registration was completed, system will show order details and total amount to the customers before they confirm the order.
  4. The system will allow customers to fill their credit card details through THAIEPAY system. After that the system will verify the credit card details whether they are approved. Customers can choose payment methods according to merchants’ setting, credit card or another method.

Fee and Service Charge

  1. Service Charge : Package S = 350 baht/month, M = 550 baht/month, L = 750 baht/month
  2. Transaction Fee : Visa, MasterCard 4% and American Express 4.75% (not include vat 7%) (in case of using online payment system)
  3. Refund Fee : 300 baht/transaction (if over 7 days)
Comparision table of each package
Details / Package Freee M L
Service Charge (Bath/Month) 380 390
Instant Website Yes Yes Yes
Domain Name "yourshop.com" Yes Yes Yes
ThaiePay Online Payment system No No Yes

Income Remittance (in case of using online payment system)

ThaiePay system will summarize your income in each month and remit the income after deducting fee into your bank account on the 10th of the following month.

For example, in January, you have monthly income 10,000 baht. ThaiePay will deduct 400 baht out from 10,000 Baht. Therefore, you will receive 9,600 baht on 10th February. (not include vat 7%)

More Frequent Remittance

ThaiePay has additional regulations regarding income remittance. That is to say, you can request us to have more frequent remittance such as every 15 days or weekly.

  1. You have to use ThaiePay service for more than 6 months
  2. You have norecord of charge back from customers
  3. If you have monthly income over 100,000 baht/month, you can receive income every 15 days (semi-monthly)
  4. If you have monthly income over 500,000 baht/month, you can receive income every week (weekly)