Welcome to THAIEPAY!   a leading website which offers you all inclusive

E-Commerce system. THAIEPAY has divided services into 2 main types as indicated below.

Register Shopping Mall

To open online shop is very easy. You only follow the steps below.

    ePayment eBooking eBusiness

Required Documents

  1. Copy of ID card (For foreigner: Passport and Work Permit)
  2. Copy of House Registration or Rental Contract
  3. Commercial Registration (If any) (For company: Copy of Company or Limited Partnership Certificate)
  4. TAT License (for eBooking registration)
  5. TAT License (for eBooking registration)

Terms & Conditions (brief version)

The following terms & conditions are shortened in order to be easier for seller to briefly read on the surface. Seller must accept all terms and conditions before clicking “Submit” and processing to next steps. (Full version of Terms & Conditions )

  1. Qualifications of Seller

    • No involvement in criminal or anti-social activities like Gambling, Pornography, Alcohol drinks, Drugs, Replica and pirated products, medicines
    • For supplementary food, controlled cosmetics, or health products, they must be legally approved by FDA or related institutes.
    * If we discover later that seller is running business prohibited by law, we will immediately close the shop, confiscate all payments and take legal action seriously.
  2. Usage & Service Charge

    • You will get 3 months free as soon as you completed registration and send all required documents to us.
    • Your shop will be displayed through the url: http://shop.thaiepay.com/yourshopname
  3. Income Remittance

    In case that seller uses ThaiePay payment gateway to receive credit card payment from buyers also. ThaiePay will summarize all income of merchant’s products or services each month and remit the income after deducting the service charge into merchant’s bank account as indicated when registered on the 10th of the following month.